Rayvolt X One e-bike uses facial recognition, voice-activated GPS, regenerative braking

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Rayvolt announced the X One e-bike, a futuristic design that’s in development via an Indiegogo campaign. Using a 250-750 watt motor and hidden battery, it promises a 47 mile range and 4-hour charge time. It also packs high-tech features such as automatic lighting, turn signals, regenerative braking, voice-activated GPS, and even facial recognition software.

Rayvolt X One hybrid commuter e-bike

Apps and electronics integration are continuing to spread in the e-bike world, and the new X One from Rayvolt takes it up a few notches. While its silhouette is almost reminiscent of a motorcycle (along with automobile-like features), it’s a pedal-assist e-bike.

The frame is said to be made of an aluminum composite, with a hidden downtube battery and integrated lights. The battery is 42 volt, 16Ah, and is capable of up-to-75km of assist. With a quoted 28mph assist limit, two models are Class 3 e-bikes, with the Power model adding a throttle (i.e. non-pedal-activated assist).

Rayvolt also claims that the X One has regenerative braking, similar to what you see on hybrid cars. The battery charges when you squeeze the brake levers, or pedal backwards while riding. A 5-speed hub comes standard, with 7-speed optional upgrade.

All of the electronics are managed via a huge integrated touchscreen that’s Android-powered. It uses facial recognition to unlock and power up the bike – remembering the settings for each user. It also features hands-free GPS with voice control to safely navigate you to your destination.

Details have yet to be released on geometry or size options. Complete bike weights are quoted at 20 – 24kg (44 – 53 lbs).

Check out the X One’s Indiegogo campaign for more info, with 15 more days left to get in as a project backer as of this writing. Retail pricing will be set at $4,399 for the Power+ model, $4,199 for the Smart + model, and $3,999 for the Smart model. All are offered with a 50% discount for early supporters.


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