The Squatch Screen provides quick cover for trail side changing

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Want to hide in plain sight the next time you need to change out of your riding gear? The folks at Squatch Co want to help you do just that. Sure, there are a number of ways to effectively change in a parking lot without showing everyone your wild side, but the Squatch Screen is designed to make that process a bit easier.Advertisements

Rather than acting as a towel wrap or similar, the Squatch Screen is a highly portable privacy screen that attaches to any ferrous metal with four rare earth magnets. The screen packs into its own attached stuff sack until it’s ready to be deployed.

When you need to change, simply pull out the screen and slap it on your open doors to provide a screen from one direction. The standard Squatch Screen works best on cars with normal doors as the screen just barely fits on the suicide doors on my Honda Element above (the challenge is finding magnetic spots since the screen won’t attach to the plastic trim).

Because of that, Squatch Co is working on an XL screen which will be available after the first of the year. The XL will be better suited for cars like the Element, or just anyone who wants more coverage (by wrapping around the windows of both open doors.

There are a number of ways this can be attached to your vehicle though, and in my case the other option is attaching it to the open door and leaving the suicide door closed. This is how the screen can be used on two door vehicles, and while it provides a little less changing room, it’s still effective.

Obviously, anyone looking into the vehicle from the opposite side will be able to see you, but the belt line of the windows should hide anything from the waist down.

Made from a proprietary double layered ripstop nylon material, the standard screen dimensions are 60” W x 48” H, and the stuff sack is 3.5” W x 6” H to fit in your vehicles cup holder, side pocket, or seat back pocket.

Overall, the Squatch Screen is a neat way to give yourself some privacy while getting ready before or after a ride. It’s particularly useful if you want to give yourself a sport wipe shower after a ride, and makes the whole changing process a lot more relaxed.

The original Squatch Screen is priced at $40, and is offered in one color. Keep your eyes open for an XL screen and changing mat coming soon!


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