Veloflex SPS clincher tires eliminate carbon rim worries, compatible with ALL rims

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Veloflex announced a new SPS line of open tubular (a.k.a. clincher) tires, designed to address potential concerns with carbon rims. Specifically, Veloflex says that some carbon bead hooks ignore ETRTO regulations, resulting in sharp rim edges that can damage normal tires. The SPS line has been reinforced in this area, said to eliminate safety concerns.Advertisements

Veloflex SPS reinforced road clincher tires for carbon rims

Rim and tire standards don’t seem to be getting any clearer, and Veloflex is on the case to help provide an extra layer of safety. Amid reports of incompatibility issues between some carbon rims with traditional handmade clincher tires, brands such as ENVE now strongly recommend against their use:

ENVE does NOT RECOMMEND the use of cotton or natural fiber sidewall non-tubeless tires with ENVE SES wheelsets for EVERYDAY USE. These tires are intended for high-performance racing applications only. If you choose to run these tires, please inspect your tires after each ride for cuts, tears, and any signs of abrasion and/or wear in the sidewall and at the location of the rim/tire interface. If any wear and/or damage is identified, replace before riding. Riders who choose to run tires with cotton or natural fiber sidewalls do so at their own risk.

Veloflex provided the image above, which illustrates their take on the cause – rim edges that do not meet the ETRTO standards for bead roundness. These are said to cause potential cuts into the sidewall of the tire, which could result in catastrophic failure. Veloflex further states that not all carbon rims are a problem, because the otherwise rough bead area is “polished by some high level producers in order to avoid problems with the tires.”

SPS stands for Sidewall Protection System, and includes reinforcement at the area of concern. Veloflex was tight-lipped on the actual material of this reinforcement, but claims that any and all carbon rims are safe with the new tires.

Veloflex offers the new technology on several clincher models:

  • Record SPS 700×23 (€49, 160g)
  • Corsa 28 SPS (€52, 230g)
  • Corsa 25 SPS (€49, 220g)
  • Corsa 23 SPS (€44, 210g)
  • Master 28 SPS (€51, 230g)
  • Master 25 SPS (€49, 220g)
  • Master 23 SPS (€44, 210g)

Veloflex SPS tires are available now. Older non-SPS tires are still available (which Veloflex states are compatible with all aluminum rims and ‘most carbon rims’), but will be phased out over time as inventory sells out.

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