OneUp Components EDC Plug and Pliers Kit review

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The EDC Plug and Pliers Kit expands the capability of OneUp’s crafty EDC tool storage systems, and all for a measly 17g weight penalty.

If you stash your EDC tool in your head tube or OneUp’s 100cc pump, then this tubeless tyre plug kit and set of quick-link pliers integrates neatly into the storage tube that screws onto the tool’s base (there isn’t enough room for it in the 70cc pump).

This does mean that you won’t have space for a CO2 cartridge though. The pronged ‘jabber’ (used to wedge the tyre plugs into the tyre) screws onto the bottom of the tool and you can comfortably fit up to five plugs inside the tube, along with the pliers.

While the EDC tool already includes a nifty little quick-link breaker (10/11-speed), it’s nowhere near as easy to use as the pliers are. Despite the short handles, they work well even on more stubborn links and are compatible with 10-, 11- and 12-speed chains, making them a great option if you’ve been put off carrying quick-link pliers previously due to their size.

The thing that sets the ‘jabber’ apart from other tubeless repair kits is the way it screws onto the tool body, giving you a huge handle to grip when inserting the tyre plugs. The 15 included plugs should keep you covered for a long while.

OneUp Components EDC Plug and Pliers Kit includes

  • Quick Link Breaker Pliers (10-, 11-, 12-speed)
  • Tyre plug jabber tool
  • 15 bacon strip tyre plugs for tubeless use

OneUp Components EDC Plug and Pliers Kit specifications

  • Material: aluminum/steel/’bacon’
  • Weight: 17g all in
  • Compatible with: EDC Tool System
  • Colours: Green

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