Introducing FastAF Hydration mix: Premium, affordable sports nutrition

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I’d like to introduce all of you to FastAF, a new premium yet affordable sports nutrition brand. This is a new venture from me (Tyler, founder) and my good friend Evan. It’s a project we’ve been working on for two years, and our first product is a hydration drink mix made with real fruit powders and organic flavors. We are super excited to finally have it ready to ship, and even more excited to share our story with you.

As avid athletes that are into cycling (obviously) of all types, as well as trail running, OCR, lifting, parkour, ninja warrior, and just generally leading healthy active lifestyles, we definitely use high quality supplements. And a lot of them. Which adds up very quickly, even if we stuck to the basics like in-ride hydration and food plus a recovery drink or bar. So we decided to do something about it.

affordable sports nutrition products with organic flavors and premium ingredients for endurance athletes from FastAF

What is FastAF?

FastAF is a new sports nutrition brand that offers premium products and formulas at reasonable prices. We made this for endurance athletes. For the athletes that pay attention to what goes into their bodies. And for athletes who’d rather spend their time and money training and racing than chasing the latest supplement fads.

We believe in good, clean, effective sports nutrition. And we believe in fair pricing and honest explanations. And we like to go fast. Fast AF!

We wanted a product that met our expectations for simple, effective, pure ingredients. And we wanted a product that wasn’t exorbitantly overpriced. I’ve long been passionate about nutrition. Evan and I both eat clean and pay attention to what’s in our food and our supplements. Before Bikerumor, I launched and ran two different sports/energy beverage brands, and I’ve kept a close eye on the industry all these years. I combined all of that experience and, together with Evan’s administrative expertise, we’re proud to introduce FastAF.

FastAF Hydration is an affordable sports drink mix with organic flavors and real fruit powders that is approved for all sports

What’s in it & where can I get it?

Our first product is this amazing Hydration drink mix, offering a light, crisp flavor that’s refreshing on hot or cold days, won’t get overly sweet, and has the osmolality to promote rapid absorption. It’s based on the latest sports hydration science, uses top quality ingredients, and is safe for use in any sport and for any age athlete.

The formula is a blend of five electrolytes, sucrose, glucose, and a few vitamins to act as natural preservatives. The three delicious flavors come from real fruit powder and organic flavors. It’s all batched in a state of the art facility, then packaged into resealable bags that take up less space than traditional canisters, and are lighter to ship.

And here’s the best part: A 25 serving pouch is just $15.95, and each serving is a full 16oz. Compare that to most products retailing for $20-$22 for twenty 8oz servings and the advantage is clear.

I’d like to invite you to try FastAF and get 10% off your first order with code IAMFASTAF (expires Dec. 12, 2018, product can only be shipped inside the USA). Our first batch is very small, and it will sell out, it’s ready to ship now. For now, we’re only available consumer direct through our website, but we’ve got plans. And Hydration is just the beginning. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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